Apophatic Monsters

from by Carl Thomas Gladstone



Apophatic Monsters

When I appear it's not to steal
I walk along not off a plank
When i'm marooned its with you
my boat it settles waves
and skulls and bones are raised!
No I am not a pirate

When I fall in love i don't destroy
When I take a life i give back joy
I sparkle and the heaven's come down
my blood is a new covenant
not Vlad or Bella's ruse
No I am not a vampire

I am not (I am not)
the typical (don't be fooled)
know me by (around the edges of)
the negative.

when I exhale I hail the new
for I am wise and never grousing
I'm beautiful but not to dupe
my craft is stitching bone to bone
and knitting with sinew
No I am not a banshee

When i raise up I'm up for good
I crave the brains but claim the body
I groan for justice not Voodoo
my body is the one consumed
for love of you and to commune
No I am not a zombie

When I come to earth its not to play
like chess, the people as my pieces
Instead like Pa and they my kids
my family's not broken,
my family is you
No I am no Zeus

when i emerge it's not the end
i have no fire breathing heads
no little horn of earthly kings
my breath revives,
and burns with life
No I am not a dragon


from Matchstick EP, released May 16, 2013




Carl Thomas Gladstone Detroit, Michigan

As a music and mischief maker on the prophetic edge Carl writes music as a discipline of justice-seeking and disruptive discipleship. He writes to engage people of faith and of no faith in deep questions and engaging stories that matter for the world.

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